Xenex Associates - Developing your distribution

XENEX ASSOCIATES understands international distribution channels and markets better than most of the companies that are currently involved. This is a strong statement but built through the experience of operating within these channels for over 20 years.

XENEX ASSOCIATES consultants have worked with manufacturers, distributors, service companies, industry associations and industry media which enable them to have the in depth understanding of supply channels from all aspects.

XENEX ASSOCIATES works with many small companies that do not have the international infrastructure, network or experience to develop their product or service sales.  Through its PestTrader business it is able to promote products or services to a global market in a modern web based activity. In addition products can be promoted through exhibitions, literature and advertorial work. Sharing these costs across several small companies provides a highly cost effective option.

XENEX ASSOCIATES would be pleased to discuss with you how your product and service might develop increased sales in a global market.  Contact Us.