Xenex Associates - Helping YOU Gain awareness for YOUR Product or Service

XENEX ASSOCIATES understand well the requirement to promote awareness for any product whilst keeping costs under control. Through our significant international experience we can often apply a new and open thinking to promoting awareness. This includes using our respected position with the international media to seek the best ways to promote products in both the specialist industry press and the fast emerging web based promotional opportunities.

XENEX ASSOCIATES owns and manages the unique international product promotion site, PestTrader.com, where products can be offered for general international sales or more specifically market by market. In addition we have the most up to date understanding of consumer attitudes and web developments through its involvement with Pest Free Home, a UK focused consumer webshop.

XENEX ASSOCIATES is present at all the major industry events worldwide, an important platform to raise product awareness through ensuring that product users can handle products and ask relevant questions. In addition XENEX ASSOCIATES is able to author and place technical articles and advertorial material through its close relationships with the specialist industry media. 

XENEX ASSOCIATES has experience of managing specific product focus groups and presentations at distributor workshops and training meetings. 

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