About Our Associates - Julian Entwistle

Dr. Julian Entwistle uses his wealth of technical knowledge and business management experience from over 20 years’ working as a professional entomologist in pest management and international marketing of pest control products, to support and develop Xenex Associates’ international consultancy in the vector management market.   

Julian is an Oxford University Zoology graduate, with an MSc in Applied Entomology from Imperial College London and a PhD from the University of East Anglia in forecasting insect outbreaks. He joined ICI Agrochemicals in 1988 and led the worldwide Public Health global insecticide Research and Development team. This involved management of laboratory entomology teams, coordinating insecticide chemistry, insect physiology and insecticide resistance studies, collaboration with research institutions worldwide and management of international field trials on the major public health insect pests.    

Julian has experience as Technical Manager for all non-crop uses of pesticides. He was responsible for the introduction of a portfolio of insecticide and rodenticide products and the technical support function for vector control campaigns, pest management and retail businesses throughout Latin America. In addition, he has managed large-scale trials on vectors of malaria and other diseases and collaborated with national distributors, Ministries of Health and local research institutions. He is a member of the IVCC Expert Scientific Advisory Committee on new paradigms for control of malaria vectors and author of numerous scientific publications and articles including the chapter on “Emerging Technologies for Urban Mosquito Management’ in the 2014 CABI book on Urban Insect Pests.  

Julian gained an MBA from the Open University Business School and has held management and consultancy roles in the international financial services industry in a company developing a novel waste disposal technology.