Questions we are often asked

What is Beyond Agriculture™ ?
Beyond Agriculture™ is our way of describing the markets that use Crop Protection chemicals beyond agricultural use, such as pest management, turf & ornamentals, consumer markets and industrial weed control. These markets all use more than just chemical inputs and we understand the supply chains as well as the major suppliers in these markets.
Do you provide market data?
We do not generate market data ourselves but have access to the limited range of data available on these markets and can often negotiate better prices for you through our position. Data has little value on is on, what is more critical is to be able to interpret the data and this where our knowledge and understanding of the markets allows us to add value through interpretation of the data. The value of “Market Intelligence” rather than “Market Data” is often overlooked. Understanding markets is as important as valuing them.
Do you operate from any other countries than the UK?  
Most of our Associates are UK based. All have extensive international experience in their specialist fields and travel frequently to visit markets. We do have an Australian based Associate and expect soon to add a further Associate based in Latin America. If further in market resource is required, our extensive network can select and contract exactly the skills required for the project.
In what languages other than English can you operate?
Our Associates can operate in a number of languages. Not all are native English speakers. Between the Associates we can handle fluently English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. We have a network of local consultants who can handle most languages, including Mandarin and Japanese two of the more difficult challenges. In addition to speaking the language, understanding the culture is key. ALL our Associates have wide international experience and can operate effectively in a wide range of cultures. Not only IN market but in the important communication TO the market. 
How do you manage client confidentiality?
Easily! We only work with companies under a signed Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement. If the potential client is comfortable with an initial scoping meeting prior to an agreement that is fine with us but once we need to exchange detailed information we must both be covered. We have a simple standard agreement that no one has ever refused to sign. Our credibility in the industry is built on a high level of trust and client confidentiality is a core value of the company.