About Our Associates - Rod Parker

Rod Parker provides Xenex Associates with data analysis and specialist market research capabilities. Rod is the founder and Managing Director of Agricultural Information Services (AIS), an independent market research company based in London since 1988.
In addition, Xenex Associates and AIS collaborate in the development of specialist industry conferences through their joint venture.

From 1992 AIS has been the only company focused on providing market research in the area of non-crop pesticides. AIS has completed six cycles of global studies quantifying the use of non-crop pesticides in detail, based on its network of non-crop specialists in over 25 countries. This data and intelligence is used by many major suppliers in markets Beyond Agriculture. Rod now manages this study for GfK Kynetec.

In addition AIS has a unique global database on developments in infestation and loss due to weeds, insects and diseases in agricultural crops and this provides an input to R&D and business strategy in global pesticide and biotech companies.

Before developing AIS, Rod worked for the Battelle Memorial Institute for 11 years and there developed the first global pesticide tracking service.